With the end of July, 2009 of Open Society "Dolomit" has begun release of production in new large-sized packing: polypropylene containers of type "Big-bag" load-carrying capacity of 1000 kg.  



This packing is intended first of all for loose materials: a dolomitic flour packed up, a mineral powder packed up, filler packed up. Production packing in bags by load-carrying capacity of 1000 kg is at present made.












Advantages polypropylene containers are obvious:

  • for warehousing and transportations the container form, thus disappears necessity for special tankers for transportation and production storage;
  • high durability at loadings;
  • moisture-proofness;
  • air permeability;
  • the technology of welding without use of glutinous substances and, accordingly, high tightness of the container for the account of welded technologies;
  • the micropunching excluding permeability of packed up product;
  • weight polypropylene containers less than traditionally used paper bag;
  • width of a fabric: 700-2000 mm, fabric density: 80-200/m.;
  • disposable use, the safety factor 5:1;
  • the loaded valve, the polyethylene loose leaf.

Appearance polypropylene containers of type "Big-bag" is presented on description page.



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