The mineral powder is the important active structural component  of a blacktop. Thanks to the developed surface adsorbing on the most part of bitumen, the mineral powder gives to a blacktop necessary properties, i.e. mechanical durability, ability to elastic and plastic deformations that essentially improves qualities of a road covering, increases term of its service and gives considerable economy at operation. Working life is not limited.


Technical characteristics of mineral powder:

Grain structure, % on weight, not less  
Smaller than 1,25 mm 100
Smaller than 0,315 mm 90
Smaller than 0,071 mm 70-80
Porosity, % on volume, no more than 35
Swelling of samples from a mix of a powder with bitumen, % on volume, no more than 2,5
Humidity, % on weight, no more than 1

The annual volume of output makes approximately 200 thousand tons.

The mineral powder is made in accordance with GOST 16557-2005.


Transportation of a dolomitic flour is carried out by railway transport on cement trucks to 50 tons (unloading by the compressed air), hoppers - cement trucks to 60 tons (unloading on raised ways), or motor transport with special tanks.




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