According to the Decree of Byelorussia from March, 16th, 2006 №152 (in edition of the president’s Decree from September, 6th, 2007 №402) on our resource it is possible to familiarize with the list of the administrative procedures which are carried out by Open Society "Dolomit" under statements of citizens.


In this section you can learn:


- The name of an administrative procedure and number under the list;


- Documents and data, assignable by a citizen for administrative procedure realization;


- The size of a payment of an administrative procedure raised at realization;


- The maximum term of realization of an administrative procedure;


- Inquiry period of validity, or another document, given out (accepted) at administrative procedure realization;


- The officials who are carrying out preliminary consulting of citizens and responsible for realization of administrative procedures;


- The schedule of personal reception;


And also some other information can be learnt from this section.

Additional information