Road metal is applied to enrichment of sand-gravel mixes at the device of the bases and coverings of roads, for an accomplishment and planning works, for manufacturing of irresponsible ferro-concrete designs, and as in an iron and steel industry and glass manufacture. It is applied by almost all machine-building and machine-tool constructing factories of republic as a flux material at melt of products from pig-iron. Is issued in the form of fractions: 5-20 mm, 20-40 mm, 40-80 mm.


Technical characteristics:

Mark on crushability 300,400,600
Mark on frost resistance  F50
Mark on abradability   I2
The maintenance powdered and clay particles 1,5-3%
The maintenance of grains of soft rocks 5-10%
Flakiness index 25-50%
Bulk density 1,30-1,40 t/м3

The annual volume of output makes approximately 1400 thousand tons.

Road metal is made in accordance with GOST 8267-93.

Transportation is carried out by railway transport or motor transport of any kind.




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