The flour calcareous packed up has mission too, as the dolomitic flour, and is made from the same raw materials. But in paper bags on 30 kg packing is made for convenience of its use by final buyers. The packed up flour has received the big gratitude at the people having own country or personal plots. That is as a result the end user receives useful and non-polluting mineral fertilizer in packing convenient for use. Working life is not limited.

Use of a dolomitic flour:  

- Will neutralize harmful to the majority of plants acidity of soils;

- Improves physical and chemical properties of soils, their structure;

- Raises efficiency of use of brought organic and mineral fertilizers;

- Improves conditions of ability to live of microorganisms useful to plants;


Enrich soil:

- Calcium which promotes plant growth, improves a condition of root system;

- Magnesium which is a part chlorophyll and participates in photosynthesis;

- Connects radionuclides, it means that it promotes ecological cleanliness of a crop.


Technical characteristics:

Total mass fraction of calcium and magnesium carbonates, %, not less 85
Mass fraction of a moisture, %, no more 1,5
The grain structure, the full rest on a sieve, %  
5 mm, no more 0
3 mm, no more 1
1 mm, no more 3
Indicator (Actively operating Substance), not less 81

The flour is made in accordance with GOST 14050-93.

Transportation is carried out by railway transport or motor transport any kind.



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