The dolomitic filler is used as mineral filler and powered dressing at roofing material manufacturing. It is used in manufacture of paint and varnish production, linoleum, mechanical rubber goods, mastics, hermetics and in other industries where more expensive talc is applied. Working life is not limited.


Technical characteristics:

Density, g/sm3, no more than 3
Mass fraction of a moisture, %, no more than 1
Concentration of hydrogen ions of a water extract, (pH) 7-9,5
The rest on sieve N 009, %, no more than 10
The rest on sieve N 014, %, no more than 1,5


The annual volume of output makes approximately 50 thousand tons.

The dolomitic filler is made at the Standard of Belarus 1417-2003.

 Transportation of a dolomitic flour is carried out by railway transport on cement trucks to 50 tons (unloading by the compressed air), hoppers - cement trucks to 60 tons (unloading on raised ways), or motor transport with special tanks.





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